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Active Shooter: Planning and Responding (AS100)
Active Shooter: Planning and Responding (AS100)
What are active shooters? How widespread are active shooters? What is the profile of an active shooter? How can one plan for an active shooter? We have the answers!
COVID-19 Mitigation & Preparedness: Criminal Justice Personnel (COVID100)
COVID-19 Mitigation & Preparedness: Criminal Justice Personnel (COVID100)
Want to become more educated on COVID-19. Want to stay informed regarding current procedures on COVID-19. Want to ensure the safety of staff and community members against COVID-19. We can help you!
Implicit Bias (IB100)
Implicit Bias (IB100)
The course covers: - Preventable measures of any misconduct - Bring implicit bias awareness - Reeducate agencies to rely only on facts and observed behaviors
Know Your Essential Rights (KYER100)
Know Your Essential Rights (KYER100)
The criminal justice system is difficult to navigate without proper education. For the majority of people who are not affiliated with the judicial system, the technicality of laws can be scary and easily misunderstood. This course is designed to...
Restorative Justice Community Meetings (RJCM100)
Restorative Justice Community Meetings (RJCM100)
Are you lacking a strong relationship with your community? Do you lack the skills to efficiently run a community meeting? Your answer is here!

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